As its name implies SWTtoCOM is toolset for automating COM Ole components from Java utilising SWT as the calling frameworks. SWTtoCOM provides a developer with the ability to directly embed an ActiveX control or COM Document in to a SWT based Java application or Eclipse plugin. Here is a list of some of the features that SWTtoCOM provides.

  • Automatic conversion of COM types in to Java Types to provide for easy development of COM client code.
  • Generated source code support for both JDK 1.4 and 1.5.
  • Support to embed OLE Documents and Active X Controls directly in to a SWT application or eclipse plugin.
  • Automatic binding of default interface to COM CoClass to provide a very intuitive Visual Basic like syntax for client code.
  • Support of COM event listeners that follow Java listener conventions including an optional listener adapter.
  • Automatic reference management of native COM interface resources (ie: AddRef/Release).
  • Inbuilt support for stdole interfaces including IFont and IPicture.
  • Ability to reconstruct type library inheritance hierarchy to reduce duplicated code generation.
  • Option to generate an Automation object factory to provide accurate automatic type conversion of COM interfaces into Java wrapper types.
  • Optional parameter support via Java method overloading.


SWTtoCOM comes with several examples to demonstrate its power and ease of use. Here is a list of the samples provided with SWTtoCOM;





Support this project by purchasing a copy of the COM Plug-in for Eclipse. It provides full integration of SWTtoCOM into Eclipse.

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