Standalone Web Browser Sample

A standalone JFace/SWT application that provides a tab based browser container. This sample embeds the Windows Web Browser Control in to a SWT application and brings tab bassed browsing to Java. It demonstrates how to listen for events and how to respond to these events by updating various parts of the display. This sample is by no means meant to be a browser replacement but it does provide a good understanding on how you can embed a COM control into a Java application.

SWTtoCOM Standalone Web Browser Sample

Building and Running the sample

Before building the samples you need to have the following software;

  1. Eclipse 3.2 or later. Download from
  2. SWT 3.2 or later. Download from

SWTtoCOM only needs SWT at runtime, however these samples also make use of other Eclipse based libraries such as JFace.

Instructions for building and running the samples are available with the following methods;

Once you have the sample running be sure to try clicking the add browser button. You should see a new browser tab appear with your home page displayed.