Windows Media Player Samples

A sample standalone SWT application that embeds the Windows Media Player. The sample is very basic and allows you to pick a media file to play. The sample also demonstrates capturing events from the media player however it does not do anything other than print to System.out. This sample could easily be extended in to a full fledged media application.

SWTtoCOM Windows Media Player Sample

Building and Running the sample

Before building the samples you need to have the following software;

  1. SWT 3.2 or later. Download from

Instructions for building and running the samples are available with the following methods;

Using the sample

  1. Once the sample is running and the Main Window of the sample is displayed. Select File > Open menu option.
  2. The SWT standard open dialog appears. Navigate to any media file that is supported by your installation of Windows Media Player and click the Open button.