Class Summary
FuncDesc Describes a function.
FuncKind Defines the numeration values for the different kinds of functions.
ImplType Decribes an implemented interface along with the flags for the implementation.
InvokeKind This is a enumeration for the different kinds of function invocations.
ITypeInfo This class provides access to the following: The set of function descriptions associated with this type.
ITypeLib The data that describes a set of objects is stored in a type library.
ParamDesc Contains the details of a parameter, or function return value.
TypeDesc Describes the type of a variable, the return type of a function, or the type of a function parameter.
TypeKind An enumeration for the different kinds of types within a type library.
TypeLibAttributes Contains information about a type library.
Utils A set of static utility methods.
VarDesc Describes a variable, constant, or data member.
Variant Describes a data item whose content can vary by type.
VarKind An enumeration of the different kinds of variables.
VarType An enumeration of the all of the different types.